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I am digging into each neighborhood in this district, learning its story, learning how I can be of service when I am on the Council. Lee Kleinman has ignored our District. He postponed the bond election to be “fiscally responsible”, yet our roads are a mess and getting worse and more costly to repair. He quit the Police and Fire Pension Fund board when the going got tough. He has insulted the police, which makes it harder to work with them at the negotiating table. And he is more pro-suburb than he is pro-Dallas. I want to bring our District concerns back to the grass roots, to the neighborhoods, repairing our roads and securing our safety with the proper number of police per capita. We USED to have 3 officers per 1000 people, which is considered the safe norm. Now we have 2.5 per 1000 population. And officers are leaving the force almost daily.

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