The 2019 Dallas Mayoral Election: Scott Griggs for Dallas Mayor

For business growth, public safety, and maintaining Dallas property values, I believe that Scott Griggs is the best choice for Dallas Mayor. Voting for him now in early voting or on Saturday, June 8th is critical to the future of Dallas. 

I believe Scott has proven he has the ability to revitalize areas all over the city, increasing Dallas’ tax revenue base, increasing opportunities for businesses large and small, and bringing jobs to underserved areas. This kind of development will allow more districts to increasingly contribute to the city’s budget. 

I recall when Oak Cliff, Scott’s home, was besieged with crime, depressed property values, and a shrinking business base. The area is vibrant now with the bustling Bishops Arts District and millions in new development. In fact, Oak Cliff is now a tourist destination and not at the expense of livability. The vibrancy of Oak Cliff has grown his district’s property values 149% during his 8 years on council.

In 2017, I ran for Dallas City Council with the full support of the Dallas Police Association and the Dallas Firefighters Association. Both DPA and DFFA support Scott Griggs.

Public safety is one of my greatest concerns as we face increasing crime incidents and slower response times. Crime is escalating in our North Dallas neighborhoods: a few weeks go, a woman’s car was stolen from her driveway on Preston Road and Meaders in broad daylight. A woman was robbed in the Galleria/Montford area and her baby almost kidnapped. Every week there are reports on community boards about crime. Dallas needs more police officers NOW as the force is down from 3600 to about 2900, while our population is increasing, as I predicted in my campaign.

Not only do I fear being a victim, it is impossible to overstate how increasing crime can negatively impact property values and the future of our city. 

At a recent debate, Scott’s opponent Eric Johnson said he did not support hiring more police to keep our streets and citizens safe until our city budget has the money. He said he would get the money by growing South Dallas, investing more south of the Trinity.

I just don’t think we can afford to wait four or five more years to see revitalization in South Dallas and increased property taxes flow from that area to pay for more police. We haven’t even heard his plan for the revitalization. In the interim, we cannot continue to stretch our force so thin and maintain our quality of life and safety.

Scott Griggs is a master of reducing waste. In the same debate, Scott Griggs said he would hire more officers immediately and find the money in the budget. If South Dallas is not safe, he said, it’s never going to grow, no matter how much money we throw at it.

We got to this point in a very short period of time, after the pension crisis. We went from 3,600 officers down to 2,900 officers. I have experience finding pockets of money in the budget we can use — $10 (million) to $20 (million) to $30 million in budget cuts we can dedicate to public safety. We must do this because we want to grow the tax base in southern Dallas, and we’re not going to be able to do that unless we’re a safe city. That’s why I’ve been endorsed by the Dallas Police Association and Dallas Retired Police Officers.
It starts with the power of small projects. You fix streets, you change out the sidewalks, you empower locally owned businesses, you start a little economy going. It worked in the Bishop Arts District, which then crossed over to Jefferson Boulevard.
Let’s not forget about adjacent neighborhoods. We spent $180 million on the Calatrava bridge, so let’s put a few million dollars into adjacent neighborhoods to stabilize them, with pocket parks, street lamps, and other things they need so much. Using the power of small investments, we can turn around city.
And we can continue our partnerships with DISD — bringing about universal pre-K because education is so important — and efforts with our community college system to bring about more training for jobs. If we have large companies that come to southern Dallas, we give them tax abatements, but with that, they need to partner up with the college district and initiate workforce training, and rebuild southern Dallas in a pro-business fashion.

Scott also wants to ferret out corruption at City Hall and put our hard-earned property tax dollars to work for us, the taxpayers. That’s why he has fought every boondoggle that has surfaced in the last 8 years. As a fiscal conservative, I follow this. Scott was instrumental in defeating the Trinity Toll Road, he questioned the give-away of Fair Park — “City officials said the new operators will save Dallas $100 million over the next 10 years alone” — he helped kill the Standing Wave, which wasted taxpayer dollars to not only construct but de-construct. Recently he called for an audit of VisitDallas, formerly the Dallas Visitors Convention Bureau, to find incomprehensible waste and a virtual political slush fund.

Those who tell you Scott Griggs is not good for business mean he is not good for “business as usual” in Dallas.  Lets clean up City Hall. With his vast 8 years of  experience, Scott will have no learning curve.

Vote for a livable Dallas. Vote for Scott Griggs on Saturday, June 8.

Candy Evans, Editor & Publisher,

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