About that City Council Election “Post-Mortem” in the July Issue of D Mag…

I’m not going to call it “Fake News”, but I just have to clear up a few inaccuracies in a story in the July issue of D Magazine that focused on one of my campaign consultants, Anna Casey, and mentioned my campaign, since I gave the writer an interview.

“Evans was handily beaten by incumbent Lee Kleinman, 63 to 37 percent.”

Handily beaten? I thought I did pretty good for an outsider, non-Park Board, late-to-the-race candidate. Matt Wood got 41% and spent way more money, in District 14. He was backed by the “Fockers”, that Friends of the Community Super Pac.  I fought a two-term incumbent backed by the mayor who painted me out to be Norma Rae. Many property tax frazzled District 11 homeowners slammed the front door in my face and said, “I am not bailing out anyone!”, meaning the Dallas police. But yes, beaten. My election result numbers are one of the few things this writer got right..

“Evans says Casey wasn’t her only consultant, despite Casey’s claim that Evans was one of “my candidates.” Indeed, four other consultants told me they worked to help Evans with her campaign—three of them pro bono—because it was in such disarray and they wanted to help her win. “There are 56,000 people in her district, and her walk list had 1,500 people on it and no map,” one consultant says. “People would just drive around aimlessly. I had to make them maps out of pity.” Evans was handily beaten by incumbent Lee Kleinman, 63 to 37 percent.

I would say the poor showing is the reason Casey hadn’t, as of this writing, been paid by the Evans campaign, but not being paid by campaigns she works on is common for Casey. Campaign finance reports for the past 12 years show sporadic payments by some members of her group and none or very little from others. This past campaign, she was paid amounts ranging from zero by Evans, Medrano, Griggs, Clayton, and Narvaez;”

First of all, I paid my campaign bills timely. A check is en route to Anna Casey: it was waiting for her mailing address, or for us to have lunch (she was pre-occupied with the May 6 run-off). I was not “picked” by Anna or anyone else to run for Dallas City Council, it was a decision I made on my own. I was supported by three factions that I have been very, very transparent about. Recent Fair Park news has energized that decision.

In fact the author, Eric Celeste, when he called me, was trying to steer a story line he wished to expand. That line was based on erroneous information he had heard about my motives to run. I cleared that from the get-go. He probably should have killed the story line, but being a writer myself, I get it: you want to find a few nuggets somewhere to keep that puppy alive. You go fishing. You push the envelope.

Still, you would be wrong.

I don’t know where he found three pro bono consultants, because only ONE of my consultants was helping me pro bono: Aaron Harris with Direct Action Texas. He was helping me because of my endorsement by Texans For Fiscal Responsibility and support from Monty Bennett.

The others were paid, and it’s all available on line.

Also, Anna has an office in Oak Lawn. She happens to live in Lavon because she, like many people, likes the real estate out there.

Oh and one more inaccuracy: “I had to tell my block walkers, You can’t just go up to a gated $1 million home and knock on the door. People will answer it with a gun!”

No, no, I said “gated community”. Because they have security and do not permit block walking. North Dallas is weird about answering their front doors, everyone wants privacy here. That’s a different vibe from East Dallas and other parts of town for sure. The gated communities, which do not allow signs, make campaigning here a unique challenge.

One of the biggest challenges I found between politics and journalism is that as a journalist, I deal in facts. Politicians don’t. They just make stuff up. Kind of disappointing when journalists don’t get it all right,  either.


5 thoughts on “About that City Council Election “Post-Mortem” in the July Issue of D Mag…

  1. Interesting enough, you probably lost on issues more than name recognition.

    North Dallas has been slammed with property taxes through the nose… Teachers who bought in the 90’s paid $100,000 for their house… still make $50,000 per year…. ARE now being slammed with a $650,000 house value and $15,000 for property taxes…

    Do the math? People would rather die… than to give up another penny.

    1. You take $$$ for property taxes.
    2. You take $1200 for Health Insurance…

    That’s HALF a teacher’s paycheck… JUST for shit they won’t see ANY benefit for… BEFORE they put food on the table.


    Now, you run on a platform that says let’s bail out the cops because someone screwed up and invested their funds in Dallas real estate (which still hasn’t sold)… somebody screwed up big time!! They envisioned New York… without the Dallas numbers and those million dollar apartments are just sitting empty for five years!! WOW!!

    So you want to stab the working teacher who bought their home in the 90’s with another bill? Another tax increase? Another kick in the nuts? Exactly….

    Lower the f’n property taxes…
    Enough toll roads and giving corporations our roads…
    Enough bailouts…
    Enough property tax increases…

    This is getting to be insane to have moved here in the 90’s… found a great job working as a police, a firefighter, a teacher… and just to be kicked in the wallet again and again and again by the Republican leaders… it’s quite frankly absurd!!!!!

    What is the quality of life like for someone who gets robbed by the city on a monthly basis?


    Those are the issues that you should run on… and kick these robbers to the curb!!!

  2. Yep, agree. I had no intention of bailing but bail we did. No intention of raising prop taxes. He just lied. And what happened? We bailed. Under Kleinman’s watch!

    You wanna be my next campaign manager???

  3. Do the math on a teacher, cop, or firefighter:

    $50,000 a year in income…

    >>>$1200 per month in healthcare insurance now (thanks Texas)
    >>>$1200 per month in property taxes (thanks Dallas)
    >>>$1000 per month in FICA
    >>>$400 per month in utilities (thanks Dallas)
    >>>$200 per month in phone / extras
    >>>$100 per month in car insurance
    >>>$300 per month in auto

    $4300 per month BEFORE food is even put on the table!!

    That’s $51,600… DO THE MATH? Cops, Teachers, Firefighters who bought in the 90’s are working 40-50 hours per week while getting paid barely $50K…

    Can you even imagine a scenario where this is remotely acceptable???

    They need to raise taxes on the millionaires and billionaires instead of raping the working class!!! Everyone would still win….

  4. But you know, we could afford to pay our police and firefighters more if we didn’t waste money rescuing Fair Park (let the State Fair live up to it’s lease, get the $ there), pay for white water rafting rides to both install and remove, paint streets ten times for bicycle lanes, and paying for all the boondoggles our citizens come up with to (a) create legacy memories to themselves or (b) suck up tx dollars anywhere — city, state, federal — and find a way to go into the consulting biz.

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