Low Voter Turnout Gives District 11 Back to Lee Kleinman, Who Now Opposes the Trinity Tollway

First of all, thank you all for helping me step into a whole new chapter of my life. This was my very first run for public office and I am looking at 37% of the vote and thinking, not bad. I decided to run for Dallas City Council in January, which may have been a late start. But to reach 37% of the district in 90 days is not bad. That means had I had six months, I could have had majority.
But voter turn-out was abysmal, which is the real reason why my opponent voted to postpone the bond vote. Very few actually came out to vote, fewer even than who voted in 2013 (4710). Less than 5% of the district turned out, and I know those who did vote for me came out with a purpose.

Although I lost, I felt something hopeful stir in me out there on the pavement talking to voters. It has been said  we learn the truth about ourselves as we campaigned, and that is the absolute truth. I know that I cannot sit idly or quietly when I see injustice. I think Lee Kleinman is wrong about his approach to our first responders, and I will be watching this closely. They supported him moe than anyone when he first ran for office. Now he villanizes them.

I do feel that we changed his mind about some things: Lee Kleinman now opposes the Trinity Tollway, as he declared to a voter at Fretz Park in front of me and Sierra Club rep Richard Guldi. I know I love the city where I created and grew my family. I know that I love to connect with people, all people, on a deep level and that if I ever stop doing so, I will be dead. I want to engage always for change, and this was just my beginning. 

Thanks to all of you who supported me. I feel like we were just getting started, and we were. More than any other district, we are a mixed bag of diversity and real estate, from the mansions of Preston Trails to the apartments along Spring Valley, a community that needs attention. And we have in our midst Midtown Mall, on its way to becoming the pride and joy of Dallas.

I am not going anywhere. I am staying right here, at We will continue to focus on District 11 in the coming months, and become a voice for change. I look forward to getting to know you all better.

Much love.

9 thoughts on “Low Voter Turnout Gives District 11 Back to Lee Kleinman, Who Now Opposes the Trinity Tollway

  1. Candy – I so admire the courage and commitment you exhibited by running. It was, I know, a labor of love for you (and Walter). You love Dallas more than anyone I know and the city is better off with you working to make it better for ALL of its citizens. Great job!

  2. Candy Evans, You’ve got a true heart! Trying is much better than not trying. So many have paid so much for the freedom to vote; women; African Americans; native Americans and to see the poles ignored seems wasteful, shameful, and unpatriotic. Your running maybe will result in some learning about problems and benefits we live with. Thanks. To those who could but didn’t vote—well—yeah, go screw yourself! John Barr

    1. I do not understand not voting either. After our trip to Cuba, I really don’t get it. To be able to cast your vote is such a privilege. Thanks for keeping my spirits up always!

  3. People need to realize that local & state elections are just as important as National elections! Turn out is always amazingly low! Those who fail to vote forfeit their right of expression! So proud of you for stepping out there Candy! We CAN all make a difference! Great beginning to the rest of your magical life! xxxooo

  4. Candy, thank you for putting yourself out there as a candidate. You have an obvious passion for Dallas and I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  5. You gained name recognition as a politician, experience running for office, supporters and a volunteer base. You have a future in politics

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