WFAA-TV Report on Candy Vs. Kleinman

David Goins over at Channel 8 did a great story on our District 11 Race Tuesday, and I love when my opponent says that “in 17 town hall meetings I never signed into one.” Of course I didn’t sign in: I covered them as a reporter. No, I was not at each one. Here’s a shot of me at a Transwestern meeting. And by the way, that’s 17 meetings in four years. Plus I was always emailing my opponent and covering him graciously on CandysDirt.

Then I started digging for the truth, and found it. Like how we did NOT have to give $3 million of taxpayer dollars away to Costco for that new store on Coit Road. No offense, but my opponent just doesn’t make sense. He’ll give Costco $3 million but nickel, dime and insult the cops to the point that they all want to leave the city. Rational thinking? Looking out for the long term? I think not, and that is what I started to see. Don’t let him fool you into thinking he is a fiscal conservative.  And yes, he has raised way more money than me because he is owned by special interests.

My bank account may be smaller, but no one owns me:

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