Coffee With NLLEO, National Latino Law Enforcement Organization

With George Aranda

This is a tee shirt from the kind members of NLLEO, the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization, I will treasure: a beautiful blue commemorating 7/7/16, a night I will never forget, the most violent night in Dallas history.

To think that our police were targeted by a madman during a peaceful protest still chills me to the bone. We were out of town that night, and I couldn’t sleep a wink, just kept my eyes glued to the TV and my Twitter feed, ┬ámuch as I had during 9/11/2001. I was terrified. I was crying for the officer’s families. I do believe that being a police officer is one of the hardest, and sometimes most thankless, jobs on the face of the earth. Chief Brown said it best: police are expected to be psychologists, fathers, pastors, counselors, disciplinarians, educators.

They are even called upon to tie ties: when my son went to his first formal date, my husband was off delivering a baby, and I do not know how to tie a man’s tie to this day. A patrolman kindly offered to do it for me, a frustrated mother.

We need to always treat our police and firefighters with the respect and esteem they deserve!

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