Former State Senator John Carona Endorses Candy Evans for District 11 City Council Race

Statement from former State Senator John Carona:

As your state senator, I always strove to propose and support pragmatic, fiscally responsible solutions to the state’s biggest problems. I made it a point to listen to everyone affected by a policy issue and craft solutions that served all of their interests. I believe Candy Evans is that kind of leader. It’s time for District 11 to be led by a uniter, a pragmatist, and someone who will treat people with the respect they deserve. I am proud to endorse Candy for Dallas City Council District 11.

I could not be more excited and HONORED to have just received the endorsement and trust of one of the most respected men in Texas politics or, as D Magazine so aptly put it, the last of the old-school Republicans, John Carona.

John was first elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1990 then won a special election to the state Senate in 1996 to succeed Republican John N. Leedom. He was a state senator until January 2015. In the 2013 Texas legislative session, John Carona chaired the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce. He was also a member of the Senate Criminal Justice, Education, Jurisprudence and Redistricting committees. About that time, both our sons played football at St. Mark’s, and I enjoyed getting to know John, Debbie and Jeff.

Why is this so important to my City Council campaign? Because I share many of the “old” values of politics that John does, basic principles I believe we need to come back to our city in every single district. John always supported pragmatic budgeting in the State Senate keeping taxes low but funding the important infrastructure Texas needed for economic growth.

It’s too bad we didn’t have similar balance down at Dallas City Hall where critical infrastructure needs are being ignored. At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, we learned that about 53 percent of the city’s streets “are considered to be rapidly deteriorating.” And the decision to postpone the May bond election until November pulls $27 million out of the budget for much needed street repair.

This is like waiting seven months to fix a leaky roof.

Receiving John Carona’s endorsement makes me feel even more secure in my belief that there are people in our city who believe that with transparency and open dialogue, we can put Dallas on a better course. Thank you so much for this honor.


3 thoughts on “Former State Senator John Carona Endorses Candy Evans for District 11 City Council Race

  1. Evans says that she shares many of Carona s political values, including pragmatic budgeting in the State Senate, keeping taxes low, but funding the infrastructure needed for economic growth.

  2. And while he has faced criticism for blurring the line between his role as a state senator and his job as CEO of the largest homeowner association management company in America, Carona’s willingness to confront the far extremes of his party and to reach across the aisle to Democrats have in many ways made him a breath of political fresh air in a system that seems to favor doctrinaire partisanship.

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